Our events are usually at Kendall College (Map, directions and parking) on Saturday mornings from 10:00 am until noon.  Occasionally, our event time varies or we meet at a different location.  These variances will be highlighted on ‘Upcoming Events,’ though please read the event notice for full details.
Upcoming Programs:
Culinary Historians of Chicago:
  • October 10, 2015: Filipino Food
  • November 14, 2015: French Cuisine with Dominique Tougne (of Chez Moi), Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sebastien Canonne (of the French Pastry School) and Viktorija Todorovska ( author and sommelier)
  • December 12, 2015: Kyle Joseph of the Foodseum @ Chicago History Museum
  • January 30, 2016: Bill Reynolds, New Buffalo Bill’s and Gary Wiviott, Low & Slow 2: The Art of BBQ, Smoke-Roasting and Basic Curing
  • February 13, 2016: Grandbaby Cakes with Jocelyn Delk Adams
Chicago Foodways Roundtable: 
  • October 31, 2015: Charles Baker-Clark on Montenegro
  • November 7, 2015: Darra Goldstein on Fire and Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking @ Chicago History Museum
  • November 21, 2015:  Ann Chandonnet on What the Argonauts Ate
  • December 5, 2015:  TBA @ Grayslake Heritage Center & Museum

Find information on Culinary Historians of Chicago and Chicago Foodways Roundtable on Twitter as CulinaryHistory, on Facebook and Pinterest.

Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance:
  • TBA: Learning Tour to Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • February 28, 2016: High Tea @ Highland Park Community House in Highland Park, IL
Find Greater Midwest Foodways on Twitter as MidwestFoodways, on Facebook and  www.GreaterMidwestFoodways.com for more information.

Philippine Cuisine: A Plateful of History

Presented by
Sarahlynn Pablo, Natalia Roxas, Caitlin Preminger and Chef Rob Menor

By Caitlin Preminger
Every time someone asks us what Filipino food is, our answer is immediate and concise: it is our history on a plate. Philippine cuisine is a reflection of the various cultural influences–consensual or otherwise–that have left their mark on the island nation over the course of its history as a trading partner and occupied territory. Continue reading

Hot Dog! It’s Hot Doug! A Bunside Chat from Chicago’s Royal Wienie King

Presented by Douglas Sohn
Sausageur Extraordinaire


While the Chicago-style hot dog has gained international fame, no one has put more relish in our town’s wienie history than Douglas Sohn. His encased meat emporium, Hot Doug’s (2001-2014), was arguably THE most celebrated hot dog stand between New York and California, located on Chicago’s northwest side. Food authority Anthony Bourdain declared Hot Doug’s as “one of the thirteen places to eat before you die.” Continue reading